Privacy statement

This privacy policy is based on the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Last updated: 22.12.2020.

Data controller

Company name: Nikkarien OY

Company id: 0573131-2

Address: Teollisuustie 6 H 8, 02880 Veikkola

Name of the register and data subjects

Nikkarien Oy website visitors.
The register is used for processing the personal data of visitors to web site.

What is personal data?

Personal data includes all data that can be connected to a live natural person directly or indirectly. Examples of personal data include names, mailing information, telephone numbers, email addresses, personal identity codes and IP addresses. The register consists of personal data.

What data does web site hold? does not store any third party cookies, and does not thus save any data of the web site visitors.